XM Be.Life

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XM Be.Life

Better Life with XM

Would like to be with you
whenever you are in joy and sorrow.

We XM have been manufacturing the car multimedia
products for 20years and we fully understand the
car entertainment system what you want and desire.
Our systems help you feel the moment is more
valuable when you spend the time during the transit.
You can experience joy and new world in the car
you ever had before through XM multimedia products.

Reverse Screen Solution

One step closer to your enjoyment.

Most of ceiling mount products can not support
perfect viewing angle of the screen due to the
it’s own structure.
As the XM-U184 have the reverse screen mounting
solution, screen can get closer to the customers and
offer the perfect viewing angle of the screen.

Built in Android platform

Upgrade the car multimedia system

Android platform helps customers access the variable
contents by Wi-Fi likes streaming Apps and internet
Most of car multimedia products have supported
multimedia playback by DVD Disc and USB storage
devices only.
However, you can enjoy new entertainment
environment via the XM android platform.

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